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Written by on February 19, 2020

The following description has been used many times before – probably within these online reviews – but in this case it is the literal truth. Here we go: if you have a brain before watching this fun rollercoaster ride, please be sure to remove it and put it somewhere safe!

6 Underground – Review – by Glenn Bar


Ryan Reynolds is certainly making hay while the sun shines and riding on the comedy success that is Deadpool. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that Reynolds would sign on for 6 Underground, which on the surface looks set to be the birth of a new action franchise for the director, Michael Bay. The paper-thin plot revolves around Reynolds’ character – One – a kind of James Bond / Bruce Wayne that fakes his own death and recruits others (Two – Seven) to form an underground agency focusing on deleting bad guys.


The movie is preposterously overwritten as we are bashed over the head with the fact that our anonymous characters are ghosts hired to take people out, and that’s half the problem! Every time we see the main characters, it feels like we’ve never met them before, but perhaps that’s the point. 6 Underground’s script is so bad it’s funny and kind of endearing in unison. Tongue in cheek action carries the adventure nicely at breakneck speed and makes little sense, but it really doesn’t matter. Don’t expect any kind of substance or character depth; it simply is not that kind of movie. Several scenes involve characters wearing shades and shouting about what we can see for ourselves. Things like; ‘Did you see that?’ referring to a huge explosion, ‘Now, that’s driving!’, ‘Hey, what’s that guy doing?’ and the classic eye-roller: ‘This shit’s about to go crazy!’


6 Underground does deserve kudos in one respect; there are repercussions to shooty-shooty, bang-bang, blowy-upy behavior. People actually die and characters kind of learning from mistakes. Kind of. This doesn’t have the charm or endless appeal of other Michael Bay films such as The Rock or his first Transformers outing, but it never pretends to be anything other than a playful thrill ride.

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We are steamrollered with fast cuts, ridiculous slow-motion chase sequences, and drumming music to make the space where your brain used to be pulsating in ecstasy or agony. Furthermore, the movie is packed with sexy people looking sexy and doing sexy things… blonde with a machine gun… get the idea? Well, that’s what you’ve signed up for.

6 Underground (should be renamed: Shouty and Shooty!) and is perfect for shutting out the dismal English weather. Close the curtains – light some candles – and watch silly, instantly forgettable characters doing silly/cool things! As previously stated, everything in this movie has been speeded up to the point of insanity. Indeed, the lovemaking scene must be mentioned as it’s hilarious and all over in about two seconds… poor old Reynolds looks daft beyond words here! Let’s finish with this observation; three repetitive lyrics of the bouncing soundtrack stand out a mile and perfectly sum up this harmless (hopefully intentional) comedy: ‘Blah, Blah, Blah.’

6 (appropriately) out of 10 – Erase memory and return the brain to the correct place after watching

6 Underground (2019) – IMDb

Cast overview, first billed only: What’s the best part of being dead? It’s the freedom. The freedom to fight the evil which lurks in our world. 6 Underground’s group of unnamed individuals have chosen to change the future.

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