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Written by on December 18, 2019

The Christmas Chronicles

by Glenn Barr

It’s the season to be jolly and this daft film makes it easy! The Christmas Chronicles starts with a broken family that needs healing in time for Christmas Day. Squabbling siblings, Kate and Teddy stumble their way into the sleigh of Santa Claus (Kurt Russell), causing him to veer out of control!



Unfortunately, the sleigh crashes and all the reindeer need to be rounded up, but Santa cannot deliver all the presents in time and save Christmas without help. Kate and Teddy offer their assistance, however, Santa quite rightly points out that they are on the naughty list for life! Regardless, and as with all feel-good yarns, they eventually learn the importance of working together.


Kurt Russell must have been in heaven playing this role and the overall quality shifts up a gear the moment he appears on screen. Once upon a time, Russell was born to be an action star, now it seems he was born to play Santa Claus. Who would’ve thought it! Russell really does a wonderful job and he looks just right in the famous Coke-inspired red outfit, but is it enough to create another classic winter holiday adventure?


Probably not a classic, but rest assured, there are some really nice little touches throughout, so here’s an appropriate list of the good bits… be sure to check it twice!

  • A handheld readout device shows Christmas spirit levels falling!
  • A cool star-gate transports the sleigh around the world in a flash!
  • Santa’s best line: ‘I don’t go ho, ho, ho! It’s a myth!’
  • Santa really does know everyone!
  • Kurt Russell pulls off a Blues Brothers style jailhouse rock concert!
  • Santa’s sack is a portal to somewhere very special indeed!

Many stories of this ilk reference classic movies and it’s done quite nicely here. We are treated with a blatant E.T: The Extra-Terrestrial moment that can be predicted a mile away. Kate and Teddy are racing astride reindeer towards a police roadblock, with nowhere left to go! Sound familiar? That’s right, folks, the only way is up, up and away! Knowing this takes nothing away from the scene because it is undeniably enjoyable and moves the story along.

Is it safe to say that Christmas does get saved? What the heck. Sure, why not. After all, it’s far easier to be cynical and find fault with this material, because it does feel like we’ve been here a million times before. Nevertheless, it’s a fun ride and the ending stays in the realms of believability. Most people want a heart-warming adventure at this time of year and it will not disappoint on that level.

7/10 – Welcomes the Christmas spirit with an excellent Santa Claus!  


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