Radio Is Dead!

Written by on December 8, 2019

Radio is dead!

That’s what everyone said when we we’re originally setting up Duggystone radio
To some degree this is true, people listen on-demand to ‘things’ or TV shows no one listens live anymore “do they”?


It’s true you can get all the music you want on Spotify, as it has millions of hours of music. Spotify has a time and a place, as an example have a look at the Country Music Playlist.

If you want to find new music, or even god forbid be “entertained” then listening to someone presenting and giving their own ‘spin’ is still relevant. See the playlist above, it is great, it has got some fantastic music, but the actual show is completely different as has some ramblings from Kirk about the artists and also some tracks that are not on Spotify, from emerging artists.


The link below is the actual New Country Show for the Spotify Playlist

So we produce Live radio shows and then #podcast our shows so that people can listen “On Demand” when its convenient for them.
We upload our shows to this Mixcloud link and have started to add them back to our own Duggystone Radio website, why? Well it’s our content and having it on our site brings more traffic and new listeners to the radio station.

(compare the two i.e. the Spotify link and the Show link see what you think!).

So What’s Next

Some think that Traditional Radio might be dead like CD’s and Tape’s are to music consumption that’s been replaced by on-demand streaming services. The emergence of new technology in the form of Voice-activated speakers from Amazon and Google means music consumption has changed again.
The Alexa from Amazon is appearing in more and more tech from TVs to cars, so the future of Radio we have felt for a couple of years is with Voice-activated applications. We looked at both Google and Amazon and in our opinion, Amazon is winning the “Voice Activated” race. It harks back to the VHS and Beta max battle of the 70s-80s, the consumer will ultimately decide.
The station has created a number of “Skills’ for the Alexa
(a skill is like an application on a smartphone but a voice-activated app – amazon named it a Skill)
We have for
“Alexa Open Internet Radio”
“Alexa Open Duggystone Radio”
and for
“Alexa Open Freakin Global”
We can create a Skill for your podcast or Radio station send us a mail to
if you don’t yet have an Amazon Speaker hit the link below, you can also get a bedside dock for the Dot which is really cool

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