Why Should You Get An Amazon Alexa Speaker

Written by on November 2, 2019

We like to stay ahead of tech and trends, so when we set duggystone radio up in 2017

we decided to focus on internet radio and not DAB – DAB is cost-prohibitive but the main reason was we

could see voice-activated speakers and integration of the “Alexa” into other products like

vehicles, Tv’s and other electronics that would benefit from voice activation.

We’ve focused just on the Amazon dot and to a large degree not bothered with the Google speaker, we see amazon winning the race to domination in this emerging field

We have “Skills” which are basically the name amazon use for what is, in essence, an app or application

our skills are activated by saying either

Duggystone Radio Logo

Alexa open internet radio


Alexa Open Duggystone Radio


for our new station in Australia just say


Alexa Open Freakin Global (this station will be in test mode until January 2020 but you can still try it out)


So why should you own an Amazon speaker (nearly everyone calls it an alexa) well its simple, not only can you tune into duggystone radio 24/7,  you can also play music off Spotify, but the thing we find amazing is controlling other smart devices in your home like :-

  • heating systems, lighting and so on

This being ideal for family members that cannot get around easily, or if you just want to stay where you are sat and say “Alexa turn the heating to 22c or turn the hall light on.

The amazon dot is the entry-level unit that has all the same functions as the bigger version but the audio quality is obviously not as good, but still fine. What a lot of people do with these is have them as second devices, or you can pair with another Bluetooth speaker like a BOSE. So you get great audio quality and the funky tech ability of the Alexa devic.e


There is a link below to the amazon dot if your thinking of purchasing one using our ‘link’ will also help us out on the station.


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