6 Emerging Country Artists To Check Out

Written by on August 6, 2019

Country Music is still a bit of an underground movement within the UK, it’s massive in the States with the artists being megastars.

Yet in the UK it’s not as popular, having said that Country fans are loyal and there are some amazing artists in the Country genre we believe you should take a few minutes to get to know and check out their work.

Here are 6 Artists we believe you should be listening to

(in no particular order)

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1. Zoe Newton(UK)


Zoe Newton is a country singer-songwriter based in Bristol, UK. Zoe has used songwriting as a way to express her emotions and thoughts from a young age, using only lyrics and a guitar. Her intimate performance leads you through a stream of country-infused acoustic songs about love, life, and heartbreak.

Sheer Music – ‘Zoe’s songs are simply stunning and her quietly innocent demeanor means you can’t help but fall head over heels for her brand of country-infused excellence. Not to be missed.’

Our Thoughts:

Track,” fun” is a very accomplished track with soft melodies and the lyrics transport you away to a place we’ve no doubt all experienced.



2.Danny McMahon(UK)




Danny McMahon has written commercially for paramount songwriting and within the UK country music scene for a number of years however had never seen himself on the front line, as an artist. This all changed upon attending country2country Festival, London in March 2017, where his experience saw him begin to write lyrics that he felt he could only communicate himself due to the honest and personal nature of his new works.

Danny’s passion for country music was bought to the fore upon hearing the famous Brad Paisley song ‘Letter to me’. He said he “connected with the songs’ realness and authenticity”. He became increasingly fixed upon the way country music uses emotive lyrics and shows such a great level of reliability. Danny’s country influences include artists such as Rascal Flatts, Brett Young, Chase Bryant and Thomas Rhett.

Danny writes, records and produces his own music at Puzzle Maker Studios, Bristol. He released his debut EP ‘Making Memories’ in November 2017 of which the single ‘What It’s Like’ reached the semi-finals of Global Unsigned Only 2018 competition. He was also voted best UK male country singer by HEM country radio and reached number 1 in the UK Country Reverb-Nation Charts.

International attention resulted in Danny becoming the first UK artist to be invited to attend and perform at Springboard West Festival, San Diego, CA in January 2018.

In June 2018, Danny released his second EP ‘Momentarily’ of which the lead single ‘Move’ reached number 73 in the UK iTunes country charts. Since releasing this record, Danny has toured the UK, was awarded UK Male Country Artist of the Year at the UK country music awards and has been nominated for three British Country Music Awards which take place on 24th November.

He has supported both Dylan Schneider (Louisiana, Bristol, UK) and Charlie Worsham (Thekla, Bristol, UK) on their latest UK tours and has recently returned from Nashville where he has been writing and recording with 5-time Grammy nominated and 27-dove nominated artist and producer Billy Smiley.

Danny’s latest single ‘When I See You’ which was released on October 26th debuted at Number 1 in the UK iTunes Country Charts.

Danny has amazing talent and an artist we at the station admire and really feel has what it take to make it, the interesting thing is one of our presenters Daniel Evans (from the Reggae Show) has written a number of tracks.( “Hideaway” and “When I see you”).

He was also nominated for 2019 UK Country Music awards where he won first place both Danny and Daniel deserve the success from their efforts.


3.Michael McMillan(UK)



As a young boy Michael learned to play the Highland Bagpipes and the drums. He ran away from home as a young teenager and ended up in London. There he played drums with various famous and infamous musicians and bands of that era. He also got involved in and did a lot of things he shouldn’t have and is not proud of, but that was a long, long time ago!


Michael has always had an interest in martial arts including boxing and has trained in many different styles. This training stood him in good stead when he was a Police Officer in both the Highlands of Scotland and in Edinburgh City.

During his lifetime Michael has had firsthand experience of the impact that drugs, alcohol, violence, poverty, and homelessness can have on people, families, communities and society. Working as an addictions counselor (which he still does part-time) in both the community and in Prisons, he has a deep understanding of the underlying issues that lead people into addiction and this is something that he is very passionate about.

Michael became a Christian in 2004 and is a strong believer in Jesus Christ.

Musically, Michael comes from a very diverse background of musical styles originating with The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, who were big influences on his early musical journey. Some of the biggest rock bands of the ’70s and ’80s also helped mold his drumming style.

However, his biggest influences came from the great storytelling songwriters and bands from the USA. “I don’t feel comfortable writing songs about stuff and life issues that I don’t have experience of, either first hand or through someone I know, or knew personally” If you listen to Michael’s music you will hear the influences of people and bands like The Eagles, Crosby Stills, Nash, and Young, America, Jackson Browne, and Bruce Springsteen. His music tells stories from “The Heart of the Streets and The Streets of the Heart”



4.Bre Hopkins (USA)


Based in Florida Bre works as a freelance Sports Presenter, traveling around to sporting events she always seeking our Karaoke bars to sing. We discovered Bre singing in a bar in Florida and instantly thought “Wow” what a voice.

Since being aired on the New Country Show, Bre has been recording music and creating some amazing cover versions of songs, such as Sex On Fire (Below) and Vice that you need to check out on her facebook page.

This next bit will be a whole different blog, in 2019 Bre decided to enter the USA voice getting through multiple stages but sadly was not successful to get onto the blinds (One Step Away), from what we have been told the production team said “Come back in 2020” she will and we are confident she will get on the show. You cant stop talent can you.


N.B go check out the Vice cover here its brilliant 


5.Timmy Dunn(USA)



With his brand new single, Kentucky Grown, Timmy Dunn is pushing country music to an entirely new level. Growing up in Kentucky, Timmy has experienced all of beautiful rural America has to offer. Timmy combines authentic country storytelling with a modern musicality to bring to life not just amazing country songs, but a glimpse into the future of where music is going.

When bringing the band together, Timmy Dunn had a very specific formula in mind.  The music not only had to be innovative but needed to transcend music altogether.  Mixing country, and blues melodies with an edgy rock flavor on top of a solid and heart-thumping rhythm section, Timmy has been able to bring his words to life. creating images of backcountry roads, midnights at the lake, and late-night bonfires with all of your best friends. Timmy Dunn is telling a story of a country boy’s unbridled spirit to everyone, so grab a beer pull up a chair and prepare to live or relive all of the best the country life has to offer.


6.Kelsey Bovey(UK)



Talented young singer songwriter Kelsey Bovey brings her thoughtful and fun loving folk/country set tonight music to the world , Bristol based. Kelsey is one of the most up and coming young talents in the county and is sure to have a bright future a very talented singer we expect to see alot more of in the future.





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