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Brothers Osborne – Manchester Academy Nov 18

Before we get into the event and what I wanted to cover, thought I’d best start with a little background into the band, so I’ve added (below) some excerpts from their website (saves me writing it and frankly they know themselves better than I can explain).

There is a couple of amusing stories so stick around, hope you enjoy sharing my experience.


Brothers Osbourne - Duggystone Radio

Brothers Osborne on stage Manchester. (Image produced by Duggystone Radio)

Band Bio

Well, the Osborne siblings strummed their first few chords during those jam sessions. From the very beginning, TJ Osborne was the brother with the voice. Even back then, he sang in a thick, low baritone, crooning like Johnny Cash long before he was even old enough to drive. His older brother John, on the other hand, was the family’s guitar shredder, his fingers capable of down-home bluegrass licks, arena-worthy rock riffs, country twang, and everything in between. Combined, the two Osborne could play everything from traditional country music to rock & roll, creating a broad, full-bodied sound that would eventually fill the 11 songs on their major-label debut, Pawn Shop.

“It’s like an old-school rock approach,” adds John, who cites classic bands like Aerosmith and the Allman Brothers as influences on the duo’s dynamic. “Groups like that always had the lead singer as well as the sideman guitar player. That’s what we’re going for, too. We’re carving our own path in country music.”

Read more here 

Brothers Osborne – website November 2018 


The Event

I was really looking forward to the concert, as an avid country fan and also I have been playing their music for some time on my “New Country” show which airs (Monday Nights 18:00 UK time on It was made extra special as my dad had bought the tickets for us in my hometown on Manchester UK. The event was held at the Manchester Academy (a well-known venue just outside the City Centre and part of the large Manchester University sprawling campus.

As I am sure you are aware, when bands tour they have supporting acts that keep the crowd busy and entertained until the main event, these support acts can in themselves become household names and some real gems to be seen (obviously sometime some are fairly dross as well).

Well we were in for a treat! We said well The Brothers Osborne are not going to have anyone on that’s not good, are they!


Support Act – Lucie Silvas

The support act was actually Lucie Silvas which makes sense seeing she is married to Jon Osborne (the one with the beard – amazing guitarist wow).

So that made the concert even better, what a singer and performer, she can really hold a note and she was also supported with the Osbornes Drummer (more about him later) and their bass player…… a long ass night for those two band members.

I took some short videos on the night because wanted to enjoy the night, but also wanted to capture the artist and the essence on the event, as well as the amazing singer and song. The story behind it is, one of the Brothers fancied a girl that use to come around to their house but she really was just “Smoking His Weed”.

Great story and fantastic track!!


There is a pre-order on the website if you are interested in grabbing some of Lucie Silva Music.


So that’s was THE SUPPORT ACT! truly amazing.


The Main Event

After the support act, the crowd was really buzzing for the Brothers to hit the stage, one thing that struck me was the number of guitars on the stage, think I counted around 14. Why would anyone need that many, we were about to find out, the Brothers changed guitars for virtually every track and oh boy can they play. The guitar solo’s and extensions of some of the classic tracks were simply amazing. Resembling a rock groups way of playing it was simply mindblowing.

Just take a look at the clip below, this was just one of many.



The Kick Drum

Now its great when ‘things happen’ at an event, something to remember and a couple of things will stick with me as well as probably the band, part way through the show, the band stopped and it was obvious there was something not right with the drum kit. It appeared that the drummer had put a hole in his kick drum. The band jokingly asked “Has anyone got a kick drum in their car?”, being on tour they would have had limited the amount of kit they brought (well apart from nearly 300 guitars). What happened next was not expected, a Roadie came on stage after the next track with a kick drum. Where did he get that from, well there was a band performing next door and the crew decided that borrowing a kick drum would be a good plan “amazing”.


The Borrowed Kick Drum

Think the band was called “Between The Buried & Me”.

Hat off to those guys, that’s simply brilliant.



Throughout the show, TJ kept saluting the audience with his plastic pint pot of water, well until he announced “This is not water people, this is Tequila!!!”

A great segway into the track Tequila, however, that happened at the kick drum incident so the link in was to rum.

The Encore

We wanted an encore, in fact, we insisted on it, they had just finished with “It A’int My Fault” and if you know the song – ‘the hook beat’, well the crowd just started chanting it over and over and over again, until the band came back on. It continued and the band with massive grins started to jam with the crowd. What an absolutely amazing experience they wanted to stay on playing, however, the venue had a curfew of 11 pm, we were gutted.

The final song the band was joined again by Lucie Silvas to round off what I would say was one of the best events I’ve ever been to. The interaction with the crowd, getting people to chat and sing along with sound bits was very inclusive. What a blast, some great memories. I would see them again but like a lot of things, in that space on that night will never be replicated ever again, for me everything was just right. Hope they tour the UK again as I’ll be buying a ticket(s) and hope to get an interview with them.

A massive thanks to my Dad for getting the tickets.

(I spent the next day listening to the bands music over and over again).

Thanks for reading the article.

My advice

Go see live music, find a band you love and go, there is simply nothing like it.

That’s why myself and all the presenters are so passionate about #DuggystoneRadio and looking forward to setting up our own live events.






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