How to retain and Gain more Cutomer’s with Subtle Marketing

Written by on October 16, 2018

In business, we are always looking to gain more customers, retain the ones we worked hard to attract.

That’s what this blog is about and below a little promo for the attached show (I discuss the reason for the Youtube video in the blog and on the show).





You may not be aware but on #DuggystoneRadio we have business shows that air most days 10 am and repeat at 14:00, these shows are designed with you in mind to give you tips, tricks or share our experiences with you.

Shows typically are themed and the show attached is all about subtle Marketing via various methods of Social media and use of Blogs, Video, and podcasting.

Depending on where your customers are you will need to touch them on several occasions (not physically you get locked up for that) I mean TouchPoints little nudges like twitter posts, blogs or even you’re branding they will see.

Facebook is favored more with people of the older generation with a high proportion of 50 plus using Facebook, plus linked in is seen as more corporate and again favored by the more mature group of individuals. So if they are your target demographic post there.

Most teenagers are using platforms like Snapchat and other high content turn over sites, where there are bursts of short videos or time-based content.

We can predict yet more forms of social media as the next generation emerge into the world of social media.


So how do we stand out from the crowd and give not be like the door to door sales guy, as well all know no one likes being sold to but we all like to buy stuff.

Video has become the go-to marketing tool with Facebook content and Instagram favoring and trending to virtually 100% video content. Not everyone is comfortable on camera but with practice and smartphones being easier to use making a short video and deleting if not right is easy, I urge you to try it or you’ll get left behind like a dinosaur.

You can repurpose video on Youtube, Instagram Facebook linked in and its relatively easy to upload and post to these sites, if you have not got a Youtube account get one and upload all your short videos to it. If you keep video below one minute Instagram is ideal to share on there as they restrict video to 1 min (unless you go live that is).

Remember no one likes to be sold to so inform and educate people, I said post to Youtube because say you do a short 1 min tip on gaining more customers and then you do a blog about it you can use the video as a teaser for the blog you’ve written it draws people in. its why its attached at the start of this blog.

So for more about the above listen to the attached recording/podcast of the show below (just press the play icon next to the logo).




Now the above is a show that’s been recorded and the audio uploaded to mix cloud a Podcasting host for a podcast that includes music. so what is a podcast well its just an audio version of a blog that allows people to listen on the go, not have to read or watch a video , its an area 34% of marketers say they know they should be doing yet a mear 2%-4% are not doing it , why well its not just two click on a smartphone, its little more complex. That’s why we set up the Academy “podcasting” course, we train people either 1:2:1 or in a classroom session. These sessions typically 4 hours long and cover

  1. Equipment you need – from basic through to full-blown studio requirements (but most people a mic and headset is enough)
  2. Recording and Editing
  3. Hosting and promoting

We make sure you know what to do and how to do it and where possible set up your equipment so you are rocking straight away, yes you can go and learn this all yourself but from experience this is very time consuming which we have done, we’ve ironed out the gremlins and can have you not making the same mistake we have in the past. Don’t trust us to check this testimonial out below.



For our latest podcasting classroom course check this link out below


Podcasting Course



or for further information contact us at


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