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Written by on August 16, 2018


To follow on from the recent blog about What Is a PodCast. thought we get into what you actually need to get started in the world of Podcasting.


In this blog, I’ll cover the following topics to hopefully help you on your way.

  1. Cost
  2. What you will need
  3. Microphones
  4. Software



How Much Is It Going To Cost Me

I suppose it’s like anything really in life people always wants to know how much it costs to get started, and like most things how long is a piece of string?.

you can get started for potentially around £100 in equipment


you can get started relatively cheaply if on a tight budget and or to get the feel for your new project Podcasting.

What you’re going to need

  1. A Computer (Mac or PC)
  2. Headphones
  3. Microphone

assuming you have a Pc then a set of headphones you could use your smartphone ones or get a set of bog-standard cans (well that’s what some Dj call them, some jargon for you there).


I think give people the biggest fear if its something they never really looked at, owned or used.

Basically, there is two type, in essence, you need to be aware of

a. USB

like most devices plus straight into your computer


The image below is of a USB microphone (DSR1)




b. Cordial Microphone 

This type fits into a mixer and for this blog, it’s not really relevant but we will get to the use of these.

basically, they connect to a mixer or audio system and come with two types of connectors, Jack plug, and XLR.

These type of microphones and connectors are what you see bands using



When selecting a mic don’t expect a lot from some of the budget entry level equipment, you’ll soon realize the sound quality will be lacking not as rounded, tinny and flat compared to more expensive options. You can look to get a good mix range mic that you can still use as a spare or guest microphone as and when you decided to invest more into your studio set up. you can spend in excess of £1k for some of the top end brands or between £65 for mic’s like our DSR1 – £130 for the BlueYetti a decent midrange mic, our team use both of the mics mentioned so that’s why I am including them, we have road tested both with great results.


The set up of USB mic, Headphones and a computer is by far the cheapest way to get started so will tick a few boxes, it does come with limitations, a couple of examples for interviews, jingles and other sound bites you will need to have those elements as fields on you computer and import into your editing suite.


Editing Software


For Mac users, you can use Garage Band 



For Windows users, there are programs like Audacity


These packages do similar things allowing for multiple tracks to be added to the deck and allow for voice recording using your USB microphone.

This is where you would record your podcast, add jingles, soundbites or interview files.


I know editing is a big issue and scary at first and does need a little research and practice to get it nailed. I know what I was like when I first started the duggystone Podcast, which now on around episode 80 and available on (click each link if you want to listen to any of the shows)


duggystone radio really small logo

Spotify, Itunes, Youtube, TuneIn radio. that’s the great thing about podcasting you can put it in a load of a different place and repurpose on blogs, emails and marketing campaigns.


hope this has helped you to look further at podcasting and looking into starting your own, get to know some editing software and if you don’t want to spend the time and energy learning it yourself we are always running 1:2.1 training or group sessions

just check our Events page on the website to see if we have a session to suit you and we also supply the DSR1 mentioned in the blog too


thanks for reading and you can contact us at contact@duggystoneradio.com


Click the Image below for the event in Sep 2018



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